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Resurrecting Romanticism

David Berry

Professor of Music and Composer

David Berry is a Professor of Music at Converse University. He is a composer whose other specialties include computers in music and musical aesthetics. He has experience and national recognition in commercial music as well as fine art music. His additional activities include conducting and sound recording production/engineering. He is a BMI-affiliated composer and publisher and has served as an American Idol judge. A frequent lecturer for Objectivist audiences, he has given OCON courses in Fundamentals of Music and Music Perception, Film Music, and in Ayn Rand's Favorite Vienesse Operettas. Dr. Berry received his Bachelor of Music degree in horn performance from the University of Maryland, a Master of Music degree in composition from Converse College, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in composition from the University of South Carolina. He also spent 14 years touring professionally and recording with the band Anthem. During the Conference, Dr. Berry will present his own theory of musical esthetics, based on ideas expressed by Ayn Rand, as explained in his new book, How Music Moves Us: The Rule of 2 and Beyond. More information about Dr. Berry's professional activities, including sound files of his compositions, may be found at

David Berry
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