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Resurrecting Romanticism

Sandra Shaw

Sculptor, Art Historian, Author, and Lecturer

Sandra Shaw is a sculptor, art historian, author and lecturer who has studied art and its history for over thirty years. She lectures widely to college students and adult audiences on the art of Western civilization and has authored the book Windows on Humanity: A History of How Art Reflects Our Ideas About Our Lives & World. (Click on the title to reach this book's Amazon site.) She holds a master's degree in philosophy with studies in Roman art and Hellenistic culture from the University of Toronto, and her studies in intellectual history are foundational to her analysis of art. She augmented her academic training with studio instruction at the National Academy of Design School of Fine Art in New York and with extensive travel to international art collections. Her experience as a professional sculptor brings to her writing an artist's perspective on the creation and meaning of art. Her award-winning sculptures are held internationally in private collections and institutions. Her recent bronze sculpture, The Tanforan Memorial Monument, is displayed outdoors in San Bruno, California. She is an elected Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and is a member of the Textbook and Academic Authors Association. Sandra grew up in Canada and resides in California.

Enjoy a video preview of Sandra's talks here.

Sandra Shaw
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